Behind San Lorenzo, an alluvial valley opens up and reaches the slopes of Faudo Mountain. It originates from some municipalities developed perhaps thanks to the construction of the large connection formed by the Roman street Julia Augusta. Upstream of the coast there are Civezza, Pietrabruna, Boscomare, Lingueglietta and Cipressa, whose roots seem to be dated to the year one thousand. Immersed in the olives on the slopes of Follia mountain, Pietrabruna is known for the stroscia,  the ancient sweet made with flour, oil, sugar, vermouth or marsala, yeast and lemon zest, so friable that you don’t cut it but “strosci” crumbling it. The remains of a ‘400 tower characterize Boscomare, built for the ancient need of defending the town from the Saracens that can be found in Lingueglietta. Medieval remains are still the Church of St. Anthony of Costarainera, of Benedictine origin, and the village of Cipressa, where there are also the baroque church and the ‘700 oratorio with the Sundial.

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