Starting from the village of Prino, in Imperia, where the stream of the same name flows out, and going back to the hill, Val Prino winds. Its centre is DOLCEDO, ancient feud of the Marquises of Clavesana and then Genoese. Not to be missed is the Medieval bridge, built by the Knights of Malta in 1292, and the Church of St. Thomas, original of 1100. And even the fortified tower of TORRAZZA, or the small lakes of LECCHIORE, from which it is possible to go to Faudo Mountain to over thousand meters and enjoy the sight. Prino stream rises in a basin in between low mountains among which Moro Mountain stands out. Below, Villatalla extends, reachable from MOLINI DI PRELÀ, near the remains of Pietralta Castle. Going even up, there is VALLORIA, a small Medieval town and meeting place for artists who turn the old doors into artworks. They are currently 150, an heritage that is included in the FAI Places of the Heart together with St. Martin bridge, in CLAVI, as well as the town of Bellissimi di DOLCEDO, famous for the paper hotair balloons party and VASIA.

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