From the Maritime Alps to the sea – this is the extension of the Val Nervia, marked by the flow of the river of the same name. A territory rich in ancient stories, where Medieval villages like PIGNA, ROCCHETTA NERVINA, ISOLABONA, DOLCEACQUA, CAMPOROSSO, CASTEL VITTORIO and APRICALE twist and turn. The landscape is spectacular: the intense green of the olive groves becoming woods opens up in the vicinity of the towns, sometimes spectacularly perched on the ridges. The area around the stream and its mouth is part of a protected wildlife oasis now managed by WWF, which safeguards its extraordinary heritage of biodiversity, while the stream is a site of regional community interest. Val Nervia is part of the Park of Ligurian Alps and is included in the High Way of the Ligurian Mountains, a route of ancient mountain trails that, as a grid, extends across Liguria to La Spezia. The cuisine finds its cornerstones in the brandacujun and barbagiuai, fried pumpkin and ricotta ravioli.

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